How to fight fuel corruption with the implementation of a fuel marking program

Posted by Tracerco

Sep 26, 2017 2:10:26 PM

In many parts of the world, corruption is common and a part of everyday life. Apart from the corrosive effect this has on quality of service and availability of appropriate justice, this also has a negative effect on commerce. Reputable companies and people are unable to compete so the market is left to others who are willing to ignore the laws put in place to prevent corruption. Where this occurs, the economy suffers due to lack of investment which eventually contributes to poverty, pollution and poor health for the majority of the people who do not profit from corrupt activities. This is the type of environment where fuel fraud can flourish. In this latest blog, Tracerco will discuss how the implementation of a fuel marking program can help in the fight against fuel corruption.

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Counter fuel laundering and fuel adulteration using non launderable markers

Posted by Nicola Porter

Jun 27, 2016 1:35:49 PM

Fuel laundering, fuel adulteration and fuel smuggling combine to create a global problem for governments around the world. Not only does it deprive them of hundreds of millions of dollars of taxation revenues, it poses a burden to the environment and also to innocent motorists whose vehicles incur long-lasting damage. The cost in terms of policing, dismantling discovered plants, clean-up operations and the safe disposal of dumped toxic sludge — a by-product from such illegal operations — is also considerable.

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Topics: authentication, consumer protection, product quality, revenue protection, fiscal tax recovery, adulterated fuel, brand security, counterfeit detection, product protection, product authentication, fuel fraud, brand protection technology, brand authentication, brand protection, safeguard brand quality

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