Six steps to making savings in reservoir inflow monitoring

Posted by Helena Barras

Aug 20, 2015 9:26:00 AM

The oil and gas industry is faced with difficult trading times and low oil prices are predicted to continue. Operators and service companies are faced with lower margins and less capital available when making decisions on reservoir production strategies. Working with reduced resource is difficult enough, but production targets still must be met.

In order to meet these challenges a number of different innovative technologies have been developed and tested in the field that assist with reservoir production optimisation at reduced costs when compared to conventional methods. As an example, the use of speciality chemical technologies can eliminate the need to carry out costly production logging and gain critical data on fluid flow which in turn can be used to optimise development plans.

The technologies can measure clean out efficiency, pinpoint areas of fluid flow, and ultimately log production rates from various zones. All of this data can be obtained throuhg reservoir tracers without the need for intervention the cost of which can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars when looking at a sub-sea development. What’s more, this data can be taken on-stream and over several years, saving on rig time as the technology is integrated  down hole when running the lower completion into the well.

Below we will examine the steps you can take applying this alternative technology to make significant savings on rig time.

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Topics: reservoir characterisation, technology enabling cost savings, fluid inflow, reservoir production modeling, tracers

What to consider when using the NORM Monitor-IS for field based NORM work

Posted by Callum Grieves

Aug 20, 2015 9:05:48 AM

Oil and gas professionals are continuously faced with the problem of identifying NORM and safely working in NORM contaminated environments. In this blog post we will discuss how to identify the most appropriate radiation survey meter for field based NORM work and how the Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS can effectively meet your NORM screening challenges and requirements. 

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Topics: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, NORM Monitor-IS, NORM Detection, NORM, NORM Management, NORM Survey Meters

Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine is as easy as 1,2,3 with the Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) Family

Posted by Callum Grieves

Aug 3, 2015 8:09:43 AM

Every day, professionals working in Nuclear Medicine are faced with the on-going challenge of managing and limiting exposure to radiation, not only for themselves but also for visitors and patients. In this blog post we will discuss how detecting, measuring and monitoring radiation dose rates through the use of our extended family of PEDs can ensure a safe radiation culture in a medical environment and allow medical staff to effectively implement best practice solutions.

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How to measure material levels in vessels for fouling deposits:case study

Posted by Nicola Porter

Jul 6, 2015 3:08:00 PM

A problem plaguing butadiene purification unit operations is the potential for free radical polymerisation, commonly known as popcorn polymer. This popcorn polymer formation can disrupt the operation of the unit by plugging lines, sticking valves, and even physically damaging equipment. Under certain conditions the polymer growth can push apart flanges, rupture lines and even pop the head off exchangers.

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Topics: optimising plant processing, popcorn polymer, process systems, providing insight onsite, neutron backscatter, process vessels, plant processing, scanning technology, heat exchanger, butadiene purification unit, Process Diagnostics, exchanger, solids buildup, fouling deposits, polymerisation, butadiene condenser

Three reasons our Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) Family provides a solution for every situation

Posted by Callum Grieves

Jun 11, 2015 3:40:29 PM

Tracerco’s latest product range for radiation monitoring provides those working in harsh environments and potentially challenging conditions with a safe method of detecting, measuring and monitoring radiation dose rate. In this post we will discuss how our extended family of PEDs deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of applications, providing those working in CBRNe, NDT and Oil and Gas professions with an effective solution for every radiation monitoring need. 

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Topics: Awards, dose rate, monitoring, radiation, monitors, ped, personal electronic dosimeter, radiation monitor, radiation detection, dosimeter

How to cut drilling costs by as much as 66% in unconventional fields

Posted by Helena Barras

Jun 4, 2015 2:20:00 PM

With the oil price remaining low, the entire oil and gas industry together with their supply chain are faced with the challenge of producing more for less. Constantly looking to cut costs without compromising  on production or quality of product, technologies demonstrate their value not only in how they can help optimise production at any stage in the hydrocarbon production and processing chains, but also in how they can act as enablers to operators who need to save on the cost of producing oil and gas.

In this post we examine three steps to achieving savings of as much as 66% in drilling costs by using accurate flow data to optimise well spacing in unconventional fields. Tweet this.

This is based on our vast experience across numerous fields and the insights and figures come from real projects conducted over the last few years.


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Topics: unconventional wells, reservoir, reservoir analysis, reservoir characterisation, drilling, technology enabling cost savings

OTC 2015 News and Technology - Five Brilliant Resources from the Web

Posted by Helena Barras

May 14, 2015 2:14:36 PM

There are many reasons to attend OTC. Often, the main reason is for oil and gas professionals to learn about industry trends and  application of new technologies. They learn through taking in papers written by industry experts and wandering the exhibition floor speaking to exhibitors who are bringing new technologies  to solve industry challenges.

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Topics: Discovery, Awards, Houston events, reservoir, Events, OTC

Four exciting reasons to see Tracerco at OTC 2015

Posted by Helena Barras

Apr 16, 2015 1:44:43 PM

Tracerco are exhibiting in two areas at OTC and have a lot of exciting new developments to talk about in Reservoir and Subsea Technologies respectively. Please visit booths 8213 in the NRG Arena or booth 2241L part of the UK pavilion in the NRG  center to learn more about these technologies and innovative new developments.

In the mean time we have listed a preview of the top four stories from Tracerco at OTC.

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Topics: Tracerco innovations, Discovery, pipeline inspection, subsea flowlines, Flow assurance, Subsea Technology, Awards, chemical tracers, oil & gas, reservoir, controlled release, flow profiling, reservoir analysis, tracer analysis, interwell, Explorer, mobile tracer labs

Discovery named as OTC Spotlight on new Technology Winner in 2015

Posted by Helena Barras

Mar 10, 2015 1:49:00 PM

We are delighted to announce DiscoveryTM has been named as an OTC Spotlight on new Technology winner. The awards are open to all OTC exhibitors and aims to showcase the most advanced technology updates in the industry. Up to 15 technologies can be chosen for the award in any given year.

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How to fully understand flow assurance issues in your subsea pipeline

Posted by Helena Barras

Mar 6, 2015 4:33:00 PM

Flow assurance specialists have long faced the challenge of maintaining continuous flow through subsea pipelines. Over time deposits can build-up and can lead to shortfall of revenue through lost production. When these issues occur, they face the problem of determining the exact location and nature of the blockage in order to take action, without risking damage to the subsea pipeline.

In this post we will explain step by step how to pinpoint the exact location of any flow assurance issues including how to investigate them further, determining whether they are hydrate deposits or wax deposits, or indeed distinguishing between asphaltene deposits or scale deposition. All without shutting down production or modifying subsea pipelines in any way.

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Topics: Discovery, pipeline inspection, subsea flowlines, Flow assurance, Subsea Technology, pipe bundles, pipe in pipe, Explorer

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