Optimise oil production using inflow, interwell and completion integrity tracers

Posted by Nicola Porter

Mar 22, 2021 4:01:23 PM

Mature oilfields are often characterised by increased water production. This results in costly water treatment and reduced oil processing capacity. Unwanted produced water may stem from well integrity failure, wellbore tortuosity, high waterflood injection rates, high permeability channelling, thief zones or injector / producer well spacing as well as water coning. Identifying the source of excessive water production and mitigating for its costly impact is critical during field development in reducing costs and maximising oil production.

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Topics: chemical tracers, reservoir, interwell, reservoir characterisation, fluid inflow, tracers, oil inflow, water inflow, inflow measurement, inflow, waterflood, injected water, water breakthrough, water production, wellbore, mature offshore field, waterflood injection

Interwell partitioning tracers to measure the effectiveness of a chemical EOR flood

Posted by Nicola Porter

Mar 17, 2021 12:57:25 PM

Tracer technology is proven to be critical to assess remaining oil saturation measurement in a reservoir following secondary recovery. It allows the measurement of remaining oil saturation between wells, rather than just surrounding a wellbore. This technique is normally used before and after an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project to establish changes in crude oil saturation.

In this blog we will discuss using a case study example, how our range of specialist chemical tracers can allow operators to identify the amount of remaining oil saturation in a mature waterflood and determine the effectiveness of specific enhanced oil recovery techniques at reducing remaining oil to residual levels.

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Topics: chemical tracers, reservoir, interwell, reservoir characterisation, fluid inflow, tracers, oil inflow, water inflow, inflow measurement, inflow, waterflood, injected water, water breakthrough, water production, water tracer, chemical tracer technology, wellbore, mature offshore field, waterflood injection, residual oil saturation, remaining oil saturation

Measuring Oil and Water Inflow in a Multi-Well Subsea Field Development Using Smart Tracer Wireless Technology

Posted by Tracerco

Jul 25, 2017 1:30:39 PM

In any deep water field development it is important to monitor oil and water production from all wells in order to manage fluid movement and maximize hydrocarbon output. The use of Smart Tracers integrated into a lower completion, alongside the use of waterflood tracers, provides a number of advantages over traditional oil and gas inflow measurement technologies, at a fraction of the cost.

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Topics: chemical tracers, reservoir, reservoir characterisation, fluid inflow, oil inflow, water inflow, oil production, inflow measurement, smart tracers

The top five questions we are asked about our controlled release reservoir tracers

Posted by Tracerco

Oct 1, 2015 8:03:43 AM

In this blog post we will highlight and discuss the top five questions we are asked with regard to our controlled release tracer technology.  

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Topics: reservoir, controlled release, reservoir analysis, reservoir characterisation, fluid inflow

Six steps to making savings in reservoir inflow monitoring

Posted by Tracerco

Aug 20, 2015 10:26:00 AM

The oil and gas industry is faced with difficult trading times and low oil prices are predicted to continue. Operators and service companies are faced with lower margins and less capital available when making decisions on reservoir production strategies. Working with reduced resource is difficult enough, but production targets still must be met.

In order to meet these challenges a number of different innovative technologies have been developed and tested in the field that assist with reservoir production optimisation at reduced costs when compared to conventional methods. As an example, the use of speciality chemical technologies can eliminate the need to carry out costly production logging and gain critical data on fluid flow which in turn can be used to optimise development plans.

The technologies can measure clean out efficiency, pinpoint areas of fluid flow, and ultimately log production rates from various zones. All of this data can be obtained throuhg reservoir tracers without the need for intervention the cost of which can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars when looking at a sub-sea development. What’s more, this data can be taken on-stream and over several years, saving on rig time as the technology is integrated  down hole when running the lower completion into the well.

Below we will examine the steps you can take applying this alternative technology to make significant savings on rig time.

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Topics: reservoir characterisation, technology enabling cost savings, fluid inflow, reservoir production modeling, tracers

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