Three reasons our Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) Family provides a solution for every situation

Posted by Tracerco

Jun 11, 2015 4:40:29 PM

Tracerco’s latest product range for radiation monitoring provides those working in harsh environments and potentially challenging conditions with a safe method of detecting, measuring and monitoring radiation dose rate. In this post we will discuss how our extended family of PEDs deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of applications, providing those working in CBRNe, NDT and Oil and Gas professions with an effective solution for every radiation monitoring need. 

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OTC 2015 News and Technology - Five Brilliant Resources from the Web

Posted by Tracerco

May 14, 2015 3:14:36 PM

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Four exciting reasons to see Tracerco at OTC 2015

Posted by Tracerco

Apr 16, 2015 2:44:43 PM

Tracerco are exhibiting in two areas at OTC and have a lot of exciting new developments to talk about in Reservoir and Subsea Technologies respectively. Please visit booths 8213 in the NRG Arena or booth 2241L part of the UK pavilion in the NRG  center to learn more about these technologies and innovative new developments.

In the mean time we have listed a preview of the top four stories from Tracerco at OTC.

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Five reasons Discovery won the Innovation & Technology Subsea UK Award

Posted by Tracerco

Feb 12, 2015 9:01:00 AM

Last night DiscoveryTM won the Innovation and Technology category at the Subsea UK Awards.This is the second award it has picked up in the last 12 months. As an industry breakthrough in pipeline inspection, diagnosing flow assurance issues as well as pipeline integrity flaws, we give you five reasons why the industry regards it as so unique and special, and how it helps our customers overcome challenges they face.

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Topics: Discovery, pipeline inspection, pipeline integrity, subsea flowlines, Flow assurance, Subsea Technology, Awards

Four Reasons the Unique and Brilliant Tracerco Profiler is the Engineers' Choice [Infographic]

Posted by Tracerco

Oct 22, 2014 5:22:00 PM


The ProfilerTM has been chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice Awards program in the Sensors category.

This award is decided by votes, so to help you decide that the ProfilerTM is unique and special enough to win this award we've listed out the top four reasons it deserves recognition together with an infographic on the savings it delivers to customers.
You can learn more about the benefits it brings in our previous blog post outlining how you can increase crude throughput in high temperature processing.
Voting closes on 31 December 2014 so if you agree the Tracerco  ProfilerTM is as brilliant as we think it is please cast your vote.
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Discovery - Most significant contribution to subsea pipeline industry

Posted by Tracerco

Apr 4, 2014 9:02:20 AM

Tracerco has been awarded the top accolade in Subsea Technology at this year’s prestigious Pipeline Industries Guild Awards for our breakthrough technology for the inspection of subsea pipelines.

We received the Subsea Technology Award for DiscoveryTM, our new subsea CT scanner which for the very first time provides oil and gas companies with the opportunity to scan any subsea pipeline from the outside to gain an accurate picture of the condition of the pipe and its contents, with no need to remove the protective coating, and with no interruption to production. This allows them to undertake subsea pipeline inspection on any subsea flowlines including pipe in pipe and caissons or pipe bundles for flow assurance and pipeline integrity issues.

The team at Tracerco (pictured below) were presented with the prestigious award at a ceremony in London’s Grosvenor House Hotel this week after the judges selected Discovery TM as the most significant contribution to subsea pipeline technology in 2014.
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