Baseline scanning is critical to diagnose future column problems

Posted by Nicola Porter

Jan 18, 2021 8:49:22 AM

Baseline scans of a vessel are undertaken when it is known to be clean, operating normally, and in good mechanical condition. They are often used for comparison purposes on future troubleshooting scans. Any anomaly, or abnormal absorption observed on a baseline scan, that cannot be explained by a visible external interference or by something indicated in the column drawings, may be able to be eliminated as a potential problem area in future troubleshooting scans. 

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How to diagnose liquid maldistribution in packed beds: A case study - Part 2

Posted by Nicola Porter

Jun 8, 2016 11:35:29 AM

This post is the second part of the "Diagnosing liquid maldistribution inside packed beds" series.

In the previous blog, we explained how Tracerco’s Tru-Grid™ Scan technologies can be used to diagnose suspected maldistribution in packed beds. In Part 2, we will discuss how we obtain more details on distribution within the packed bed.

A challenge to process engineers is diagnosing liquid maldistribution problems inside packed beds that can cause severe mass transfer efficiency loss. In industrial distillation columns, common examples of the cause of liquid maldistribution are design, manufacture or installation defects of distributors as well as damage, plugging and process disturbance of packed beds.

In this latest blog we will explain how following a Tru-Grid Scan, Tracerco’s ThruVision technology was able to obtain a more detailed liquid distribution profile of the packed bed.

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