How to gain control of your crude distillation unit (CDU)

Posted by Nicola Porter

Sep 30, 2021 11:07:12 AM

With fluctuations in the crude market from over-supply and negative prices to supply shortages and price wars, the diversity of crude is ever changing.  And while it may be attractive to refinery purchasing, crude blending is often an overlooked after thought in relation to how certain process mixes can create unwanted operational challenges.

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How to use actionable insights to optimise trayed tower performance

Posted by Nicola Porter

Apr 29, 2021 10:35:15 AM

Gas plants play a critical role in cleaning raw natural gas after being extracted from subterranean deposits.
This process isolates hydrocarbons, non-methane fluids, hydrates and impurities to produce dry pipeline quality gas, which is then transported to the end user. These plants are generally low maintenance compared to oil refineries and most chemical processing complexes. However, they have limited options in the event of disruptions, degrading conditions or incoming raw gas flows. If these conditions do arise, scanning technology has proven to be an effective screening tool for providing detailed information about the hydraulic performance of trayed towers.

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Topics: Tru-Scan, tower scanning, tower gamma scan, trayed columns, trayed tower, gas plant, insights, tower performance

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