Five reasons Discovery won the Innovation & Technology Subsea UK Award

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Feb 12, 2015 9:01:00 AM

Last night DiscoveryTM won the Innovation and Technology category at the Subsea UK Awards.This is the second award it has picked up in the last 12 months. As an industry breakthrough in pipeline inspection, diagnosing flow assurance issues as well as pipeline integrity flaws, we give you five reasons why the industry regards it as so unique and special, and how it helps our customers overcome challenges they face.

1. Potentially save millions in lost production

If there is a blockage in the pipeline, production could be compromised or even stopped altogether. We have outlined on our website what this could mean in terms of revenue losses. Over time these only increase until remedial action can be taken. DiscoveryTM allows oil companies for the first time to Discover in detail the extent and nature of any deposits or blockage allowing them to effectively plan remedial action with confidence.

2. No risk of damage to a pipeline

As DiscoveryTM is non intrusive, there is no need to remove the protective coatings or insulation on a pipeline. This removes the risk of damage to the pipeline whilst the coatings are removed or reapplied. This allows oil companies to inspect pipelines with confidence and more efficiently.

3. Gain detailed data to understand the future life of the pipeline

As DiscoveryTM provides a detailed tomographic scan of each section on which it is deployed, oil companies are armed with the appropriate data together with their own variables such as temperature and material contents to make calculations about the future life of a pipeline.

4. No risk of a stuck PIG

This is particularly pertinent when an oil company is facing the challenge of a potential blockage or deposit. However inline inspection, due to its intrusive nature, always carries a risk of a stuck PIG. Oil companies who may be wary of this can now still inspect pipelines without this risk.

5. Measurements are taken online and in real timeDiscovery on a pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico

DiscoveryTM gives real-time data whilst the pipeline is still online. This can shortcut months of calculations and give certainty where previously there have been assumptions. Saving time and resource for oil companies whilst giving them confidence to take the next steps for flow assurance and integrity of their pipelines.


Nothing else currently on the market can give such detail and accuracy, in real time, online, without any modification to subsea pipelines. This truly is an industry breakthrough, and as such, is a deserved winner of the Subsea UK Award for Innovation and Technology. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or why not request a lunch and learn to find out more.


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