New inspection technology; risers v small flowlines and jumpers

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Apr 25, 2014 4:06:01 PM

Following phenomenal interest in DiscoveryTM for subsea inspection on various flowlines we are considering where to take the technology next and would like your thoughts. Our options are for an instrument designed specifically for smaller diameter pipelines, flowlines and jumpers versus one designed for large rigid risers and caissons up to 40" diameter and for deployment through the splash zone of an oil platform on a riser. Here we examine the argument for each.

The case for small OD pipelines

We have had a lot of enquiries relating to very small diameter pipes (less than 12" OD). Most smaller diameter lines, specifically coated flowlines and jumpers are difficult to inspect by conventional means and therefore deemed unpiggable. Since DiscoveryTM can inspect a pipeline online and in real time with zero modifications such as protective coating removal, this would provide an answer to the challenge in inspecting these pipelines.

The case for riser inspection

This paper from PPSA online identifies the reasons a riser may be difficult to inspect using Inlline Inspection (ILI) tools:

  • A riser may connect to a main pipeline (branch-line).
  • It may connect to a well.Discovery deployed on a riser
  • It could contain internal diameter changes.
  • It might have a very heavy wall thickness; or
  • It may have insufficient flow to drive an ILI tool.

The splash zone on a riser is the area which comes under the most stress so this is an important area for inspection. Deploying DiscoveryTM on these risers would allow operators to inspect online and in real time safely and accurately.

Both present different technical challenges but we want to hear from you which you would like to see. 

 Give us your thoughts  for the next generation of our ground-breaking DiscoveryTM technology

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