Nucleonic level measurement system LevelFinderPlus re-branded Optimus

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Oct 8, 2014 11:16:26 AM

The LevelFinderPlus has a new name - OptimusTM. This unique and special nucleonic level measurement instrumentation used in oil and gas processing to monitor level and solids build up in plant processing activities. We took the decision to change the name of LevelFinderPlus for a variety of reasons relating to a more effective marketing strategy in the future. So why is having a good brand name important? And what makes a good brand name?

Branded image of the Optimus systemBrand awareness is the first step in the purchasing cycle. Generally you have to be aware of a brand to be able to purchase it. Frequently brand awareness is an important metric for marketers as the larger the brand awareness reach, the greater the pool for engagement with the brand, which in turn generates a larger pipeline of leads for sales conversions thus overall improving the brand's revenue. Marketers tend to measure brand awareness based on two elements of consumer behaviour, recall and recognition. Therefore it follows a good brand name should be easy to remember in order that you have the best chance of increasing brand awareness. So the first component of a good brand is that it is memorable.

1. Making a brand memorable

Brands are strong when their very name connotes positive attributes, benefits, company values, personality and users in the buyers mind and our product portfolio should have names which reflect their unique and special qualities. Combining the brand name with the product benefits or features helps to make it memorable by building association.

The use of Opti alludes to optical as the instrument does allow ‘sight’ of what is occurring behind vessel walls. The instrument also allows optimisation of processing due to the data it provides which is also reflected by the word OptimusTM

This connection also works in your favour to make the brand recognisable which is the second component of measuring brand awareness. So the second component of a good brand is that it is recognisable.

2. Making a brand recognisable

Tracerco aren't the first to use the word OptimusTM, but they are the first in the oil and gas industry to trademark it. Not being the first to use a name isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you use a word or name that people are familiar with then some of the recognisable element is already done for you. You also know how easy it will be to pronounce in different languages depending on how widespread the name or word is you have used. 

Descriptive names are common and therefore are not distinctive. They could also cause confusion amongst customers and could hamper search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts if a customer mis-remembers a product name and lands on a competitor site. Tracerco does have a competitor who uses a very similar name to LevelFinderPlus and therefore it made sense to change it to eliminate any ambiguity.

Using fonts colours and a particular style across all elements of the brand also help with recognition. Creating a look and feel using a common design style can go a long way to increasing recognition and is even more useful when you want to create a family of brands. 

Using design also ensures you can make your brand stand out as distinctive from everyone else. If everything was typed onto white paper in black Times New Roman it would be difficult to distinguish one brand from another at a glance. If people recall your brand you want to make it easy for them to recognise it at a trade show, point of sale, on the internet etc. Design is another tool for alluding to one of the most important components of a brand, the value proposition.

3. A brand should reflect the value proposition of the product and service

Brands who really get this right are no frills airlines. They have pitched their design and brand names to give the consumer the feeling they can expect and efficient service with no extras in exchange for a low fare therefore providing a cost effective way to travel. They are aimed at a particular segment of the travel market and compete with each other on price. Therefore when this target market begin their search for their next trip, if they have a low budget in mind, and recognise and recall these brands, the likelihood is they will begin their search with them. Effective brand awareness through recall, recognition and spot on value proposition puts these brands in pole position for a converted sale as their target market seek them out first.

On the other end of the value proposition spectrum is the instrument formerly known as the LevelFinderPlus. This is the first and only instrument able to give true level readings even in the presence of build up.  The instrument is very special:

  • It is patented and therefore unique technology.
  • It outperforms traditional level gauges which are prone to errors due to vapour and density fluctuations.
  • It provides unparalleled insight into vessel operating conditions.
  • It allows operators to optimise their processes and increase environmental compliance.
  • It minimises the risk of unplanned shutdowns and therefore lost production by decreasing the risk of mechanical damage.
  • It has been recognised by the Institute of Physics (IOP) winning an Innovation Award at the Institute of Physics Awards in 2013.

Yet LevelFinderPlus as a name does not suggest the high quality and unique ability of the instrument. It tells you it measures level. For this reason we felt it was time to give the LevelFinderPlus the billing it deserves with a new name.


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Three step guide to creating a great brand 

Tracerco marketing tell us why it was time to re-brand the LevelFinderPlus to Optimus

What's in a name? This post explains exactly why the LevelFinderPlus required a rebrand and Tracerco's approach to branding their new and innovative products and services for the oil and gas industry.

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