Advantages of PreTurnaround and Baseline Scans

Posted by Margaret Bletsch

Jul 12, 2018 10:25:22 PM

Are you planning a scheduled turnaround and want to know the advantages of scanning before  and after your planned turnaround?


A Tru-Scan™ or Tru-Grid™ Scan will assist in defining and developing a turnaround critical path project scope at an early stage ensuring that your turnaround meets your goals. The most common use of gamma scans is to give process engineers and operations an online tool that results in understanding how a column is performing.  This data can be used in advance of a turnaround to identify tray or packing damage and other process problems without having to shut down the column for internal inspections. These results will fully prepare turnaround planners with the knowledge they need for critical path decisions that must be made prior to a shutdown. At other times the results from a Tru-Scan™ or Tru-Grid™ Scan can either justify an unscheduled shutdown or identify options that will enable a plant to continue operating until the next scheduled shutdown.   

Read more on how Tracerco scanning technologies can help to develop a plan for your turnaround planning.

Tower scans are used to evaluate the mechanical integrity and hydraulic performance of trayed columns by measuring froth levels on tray decks, liquid backup in downcomers, and clarity of liquid disengagement zones. Damaged or missing trays or packing, plugged downcomers, feed issues, and tray fouling are examples of problems with columns that can be diagnosed with a Tracerco scan.


When damage is found, a turnaround coordinator can accurately define what trays and/or packing are needed, estimate the cost, and procure the needed hardware weeks in advance of a scheduled turnaround.

Baseline scans provide a valuable historical reference point for analysis

Baseline scans performed after a turnaround provide a valuable reference that can be used to identify and monitor operating performance in a column over time. A baseline scan of a distillation column eliminates uncertainty on future column scans, and enhances the accuracy and sensitivity allowing more subtle operational changes to be determined. Baseline scans can also be used to evaluate the effects of tower revamps, and to document the start-up of a column.

To read more on the advantages of pre/post turnaround scans click here to download a preturnaround case study or read more about our baseline scans in our Tracerco Insight newsletter.

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