Three attributes of marathon runners you need for a career at Tracerco

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Apr 11, 2014 3:54:00 PM

London Marathon runners legsAs 37,000 brave souls line up for the London Marathon this weekend it's interesting to compare the attributes required to complete a marathon to those you need for a successful career. Here's three attributes marathon runners have that you would need for a blossoming career at Tracerco.​

1. Facing new challenges

Many of those lining up for the marathon this year will be attempting it for the first time. Some will continue their running career long after they have crossed the finishing line, going out running regularly and entering other running events. At Tracerco it is easy to find new challenges. The company ethos is constant innovation and if we apply that mentality to our products then it applies equally to the people who work there. If you like a challenge and relish variety, then Tracerco is an ideal place to work. We bring to market several new products each year from extending our range of tracer technology for reservoir analysis and characterisation to brand new world's firsts including most recently DiscoveryTM the world's first subsea CT scanner for assessing subsea pipelines.

So for your career, regularly taking on a new challenge is a must do. The lesson from those first time marathon runners; keep going and it will become second nature, you might find you enjoy it!

2. Training

It would be madness to attempt a marathon with no training. So if you are going to push yourself outside your comfort zone regularly you will need to equip yourself with the tools to do it, through regular training. Tracerco actively supports additional training and has a dedicated Training Manager who ensures the systems are in place for Tracerco employees to consistently improve and learn new skills.

When coming to Tracerco with a career in mind you should have your goals ready and then research what the most appropriate training might be. The Training Manager would always be there to help with that as well as your line manager. It could be as simple as signing up for a few webinars. You need to make sure, like marathon runners, you set aside time to identify and take part in the training you need to achieve your goals.

3. Dedication

A marathon is many miles and 26.2 of them are the finish. The point is, people attempting a marathon have to be dedicated due to the amount of training they must put in. They must adapt their lifestyle from finding time for training to adapting their eating plan. If they get injured they need to overcome this with a careful recovery plan.

Those with a career at Tracerco take their lead from marathon runners. They find time to train and adapt their habits to include new challenges, and stick to it. They also overcome setbacks with the same determination marathon runners apply all the while keeping their goals in mind.

So that's it. To everyone running the London Marathon this weekend, we salute you. For those attempting it for the first time this article from the Telegraph has some last minute tips... Good luck!

If you think you are ready to take on a career at Tracerco and have these attributes please browse our vacancies and apply. We look forward to meeting you.



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