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How to fully understand flow assurance issues in your subsea pipeline

Posted by Tracerco

Mar 6, 2015 4:33:00 PM

Flow assurance specialists have long faced the challenge of maintaining continuous flow through subsea pipelines. Over time deposits can build-up and can lead to shortfall of revenue through lost production. When these issues occur, they face the problem of determining the exact location and nature of the blockage in order to take action, without risking damage to the subsea pipeline.

In this post we will explain step by step how to pinpoint the exact location of any flow assurance issues including how to investigate them further, determining whether they are hydrate deposits or wax deposits, or indeed distinguishing between asphaltene deposits or scale deposition. All without shutting down production or modifying subsea pipelines in any way.

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Five reasons Discovery won the Innovation & Technology Subsea UK Award

Posted by Tracerco

Feb 12, 2015 9:01:00 AM

Last night DiscoveryTM won the Innovation and Technology category at the Subsea UK Awards.This is the second award it has picked up in the last 12 months. As an industry breakthrough in pipeline inspection, diagnosing flow assurance issues as well as pipeline integrity flaws, we give you five reasons why the industry regards it as so unique and special, and how it helps our customers overcome challenges they face.

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Four Reasons the Unique and Brilliant Tracerco Profiler is the Engineers' Choice [Infographic]

Posted by Tracerco

Oct 22, 2014 5:22:00 PM


The ProfilerTM has been chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice Awards program in the Sensors category.

This award is decided by votes, so to help you decide that the ProfilerTM is unique and special enough to win this award we've listed out the top four reasons it deserves recognition together with an infographic on the savings it delivers to customers.
You can learn more about the benefits it brings in our previous blog post outlining how you can increase crude throughput in high temperature processing.
Voting closes on 31 December 2014 so if you agree the Tracerco  ProfilerTM is as brilliant as we think it is please cast your vote.
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Topics: Tracerco innovations, Awards, Downstream, nucleonic instrumentation, optimising plant processing, High temperature plant processing, desalting, SAGD

Deep Offshore Technology and Discovery in Aberdeen

Posted by Tracerco

Oct 17, 2014 4:29:56 PM

This week was mostly spent at the Deep Offshore Technology Conference in Aberdeen promoting Discovery. We made some great contacts and met many existing ones. Continuing to monitor our marketing campaigns showed initial results from the event indicated a healthy 67% brand awareness for Tracerco in the Aberdeen offshore market. Although we can see there is still some room for improvement. 

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Topics: marketing, Discovery, pipeline inspection, pipeline integrity, subsea flowlines, Flow assurance, Subsea Technology, pipe bundles, pipe in pipe, oil & gas

Nucleonic level measurement system LevelFinderPlus re-branded Optimus

Posted by Tracerco

Oct 8, 2014 11:16:26 AM

The LevelFinderPlus has a new name - OptimusTM. This unique and special nucleonic level measurement instrumentation used in oil and gas processing to monitor level and solids build up in plant processing activities. We took the decision to change the name of LevelFinderPlus for a variety of reasons relating to a more effective marketing strategy in the future. So why is having a good brand name important? And what makes a good brand name?

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Increase crude throughput in high temperature processing [Slideshare]

Posted by Tracerco

Sep 10, 2014 3:01:00 PM

Request a  virtual presentation The last year has seen the release of the long awaited new version of our award-winning ProfilerTM technology. This version was specifically designed for high temperature processing applications such as desalting and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD).

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Topics: Downstream, nucleonic instrumentation, optimising plant processing, High temperature plant processing, Heavy oil, refining, desalting, SAGD

Five reasons to use chemical tracers in frac applications

Posted by Tracerco

Aug 5, 2014 12:56:09 PM

Here's five reasons why you would use smart chemical tracers in unconventional oil & gas wells.

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Topics: chemical tracers, reservoir, fracking

Twelve defining moments for Tracerco

Posted by Tracerco

May 2, 2014 2:20:20 PM

To celebrate 12 years as part of the Johnson Matthey group we've collated our twelve defining moments for Tracerco. With three acquisitionsfive awards, eight new office locations and four world's firsts Tracerco has achieved some great things over the years.

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New inspection technology; risers v small flowlines and jumpers

Posted by Tracerco

Apr 25, 2014 4:06:01 PM

Following phenomenal interest in DiscoveryTM for subsea inspection on various flowlines we are considering where to take the technology next and would like your thoughts. Our options are for an instrument designed specifically for smaller diameter pipelines, flowlines and jumpers versus one designed for large rigid risers and caissons up to 40" diameter and for deployment through the splash zone of an oil platform on a riser. Here we examine the argument for each.

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Why responsive web design is important for Tracerco

Posted by Tracerco

Apr 11, 2014 4:47:06 PM

Tracerco has just launched their website in responsive design. Six months after revamping the entire design of the site it has now been adapted to be responsive including the DiscoveryTM microsite. But what is responsive web design and why is it important?

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